The Red Dirt Skinners
Photo by : Emily Von Photography


Widely regarded as one of the most innovative acts to come out of the UK in recent years, the sublime genre-defying sound of the Red Dirt Skinners is created by husband and wife team, Rob and Sarah Skinner. In 2013 the Red Dirt Skinners became the first band in history to succeed at both the British Blues and the British Country Music awards. Don’t let these accolades pigeonhole the Skinners though; their audiences always describe them as ‘refreshingly different’. Drawing on influences from folk, country, blues, americana, jazz and everything between, the Red Dirt Skinners’ sound is instantly recognisable.

‘Musically set apart from the mass of bands who are just copying what has gone before’ Music News

Comfortably blending exceptional, almost telepathic, harmonies with the unique instrumentation of soprano saxophone and acoustic guitar, audiences fall in love with the Skinners sound.

‘The space where the vocals of Sarah and Rob Skinner meet features two tones existing as a single note’ The Alternate Root Magazine.


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