Ray Cooper


Ray Cooper has been living in a small wooden house in Sweden since 2000. The love of winter, the love of
Swedish fiddle tunes and the love of a woman took him there. Ray has a rock past and toured the world with
Oysterband for many years. In 2013 he decided to go solo and has never looked back. He is the guy that
sings with a cello, a committed songwriter, storyteller and multi-instrumentalist.
'I am a romantic, half Scottish half English, I have no home town, I think of myself as a north European now. '


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Date Details
Saturday 11th July 2020 12:00pmRay Cooper
Rhythm Tree Festival
Shalfleet Calbourne, ISLE OF WIGHT
Sunday 2nd August 2020 3:00pmRay Cooper
Nürnberg Bardentreffen Festival