Leveret features three of England's finest folk musicians in an exciting new collaboration. Andy Cutting, Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron are each regarded as masters of their instrument and are involved in numerous collaborations with a huge range of artists. Together their performances combine consummate musicianship, compelling delivery and captivating spontaneity.


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Date Details
Saturday 18th January 2020 Lansdown Hall, Lansdown, Stroud
Tuesday 25th February 2020 Bristol
Wednesday 26th February 2020 London
Thursday 27th February 2020 Gateshead
Sunday 1st March 2020 Sale, Manchester
Monday 2nd March 2020 Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
Saturday 28th March 2020 Lansdown Hall, Lansdown, Stroud
Saturday 18th April 2020 Cardiff
Sunday 19th April 2020 Worcester
Monday 20th April 2020 Exeter